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Unit 8写封信给你的朋友,说说你的周末过的怎样。(假定天气不好,60~80词)请根据要求写一篇日记。 上个休息日(4月24日,星期日),我过得非常有趣。 上午:去温州动物园,看到一些海豹,一些鲨鱼和海豚表演,然后和朋友一起去打篮球,游泳 中午:在肯德基吃午

Unit 8写封信给你的朋友,说说你的周末过的怎样。(假定天气不好,60~80词)请根据要求写一篇日记。





  Last day off , I had a great time, In the morning, I got up very early, after eating breakfast,I went to Wenzhou Zoo and saw some seals , sharks and dolphin’s show. I bought some souvenirs. Then I went out playing basketball with my good friend Jim for one hour, then we swam at the pool , We had some hambergars and coke for lunch at KFC. We also had some fruit ice-cream.We had a rest for one and a half hours, then we went to Xinhua bookshop and read some books.we went to Zhongshan Park , we bought some souvenirs,and the park is very beautiful, we took lots of photos there. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

  Unit7 请你写一篇制作玉米花(popcorn)的小短文。注意使用first, next, then, finally等表示过程的词。不少于50个词。

  VIII. One possible version:

  How to make popcorn

  I like popcorn very much. I learned from my mother how to make popcorn. Now let me show you the ways. First you put the popcorn into the popper. Next, turn on the popper. Wait for several minutes. Then you pour the popcorn into the bowl. And put salt on the popcorn. Finally you can eat the popcorn.

  Unit 5 一些英国朋友要来参加你们班举行的英语晚会。作为主持人,你需要用英语准备一份60-80个词的欢迎辞。欢迎辞必须包括以下英文提示的内容(开头已给出):

  1. the number of students (boys 32, girls 28)

  2. What do you think of English?

  3. How do you learn English in your free time (magazines, TV, radio, etc)?

  4. Your English programs (plays, songs, etc).

  5. ending(结束语)

  Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome to our class and welcome to our English Evening.

  First of all, let me say a few words about our class.

  One possible version:

  Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome to our class and welcome to our English Evening.

  First of all, let me say a few words about our class. There are 60 students in our class. 32 of us are boys and the others are girls. Most of us like English and study hard at it. In our free time we often read English books, newspapers and magazines. Sometimes we learn English on the radio and sometimes on TV.

  Unit 6

  My Hometown 我的家乡

  Today, I am telling you about my hometown.

  In the east of China, there is a small city---Haimen. I was born there. Haimen is not far from Shanghai. It’s at the mouth of the Changjiang River.

  Haimen is a modern city. There are lots of high buildings in it. In the center of Haimen, there are many shops. You can buy some nice things here. Things in most shops aren’t expensive. You can pay a little money and they are yours.

  My hometown is a beautiful city. On each of the roads, there are some big trees and nice flowers. The roads are also very clean. They make people happy and comfortable.

  The seasons here are very nice. I like autumn best. The weather is neither hot nor cold. A poem says “Flyer of summer come to my window to sing, then fly away. And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, just fall there with a sign.” It’s very cool.

  I love Haimen. It’s a nice place to live. Welcome to my hometown.

  Unit4 根据下列育英中学八年级(1)班学生上学方式的调查表,用英语写一篇短文。不少于70 个单词。

  上学方式Bus Walking Bike Car

  学生人数15 10 25 0

  There are fifty students in Class 1, Grade 8 at Yuying Middle School. Every day they go to school in different ways. Fifteen students take buses because they live far from the school. Ten students walk. They think walking is good for their health and they live near the school. Twenty-five students ride their bikes to school because they like riding bikes very much and their homes are not very far from the school. No one goes to school by car

  Unit two


  Tom is my good friend. He never exercises. He is always stressed out. He likes eating junk food. He drinks coffee every day. I don’t think he has a healthy lifestyle. I think he should drink some milk every day and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. He should listen to some light music as well. I think good food and exercise can help him to stay healthy.

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