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一单元 Gina很胖,爱玩电脑,经常感觉不舒服,昨天她去看了医生。假设你是医生,请给他提出合理的建议。(80词左右) You often play computer games all day and hardly exercise so you are too heavy. And you always feel tired. To improve your health,

You often play computer games all day and hardly exercise so you are too heavy. And you always feel tired.     To improve your health, first you should play more sports, like basketball and  pingpong . Exercising every day will be good for you. You will become thin and healthy. Second, you should sleep about eight hours at night. Then you’ll have enough energy to study. Third, you should eat less food.          If you do like this, I think you’ll be better soon


假如你是李明,你们学校的“English Garden”正在举行主题为“付出即是收获”的征文活动,请你结合自己平时的爱心行为和感受写一篇文章。(文稿的开头已给出,不计入总词数)
    提示:(1) what do you like to do ?
               (2) What do you often do to give help
               (3) How do you feel about the things?
    要求:1) 文稿包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥。
               2) 文稿中不得出现真实的人名、校名和地名。
               3) 词数:60~80个。
      I am a student from No.3 Middle School, My name is Li mMng .            

Giving is Receiving
    I am a student from No.1 Middle School. M y name is Li Ming. I like helping others because it makes me very happy. I often help my classmates with their schoolwork. Sometimes I help clean up the city parks. I go to an old people’s home and do some cleaning for then once a month. So I’m very popular there. I often visit the Children’s Hospital to cheer the sick kids up. I read stories to them. I also give money to charities to help people in trouble. I think giving is receiving. Helping others is helping ourselves . Do you agree with me?


家务呢? 写一篇80 词左右的作文表明你的观点
    Some people think students  needn’t do any chores. They think it’s their job to study well. But I don’t think so.
     It’s good for students to do chores. There are three reasons. First , doing  chores can develop our independence. We  can’t depend on others all the time . Second, doing chores can teach us how to look after ourselves. It can also keep us healthy and strong . Finally, doing chores can share our parents’ work. It can also help us to understand the idea of fairness.
      So I think its good for students to do chores. The earlier we learn to be independent, the better it is for our future.           三单元
提示;1.Do you often do chores?
2.What chores do you often do?
3.What do you think about doing chores?
Good afternoon, everyone. Now let me say something about myself. I usually do chores at home. I often sweep the floor, take out the rubbish, do some cleaning , clean the room and so on. On weekends, I often help my mother with the cooking.
   I think we should do some chores. Most parents are busy and tired. We should help them. And we can also learn a lot from doing chores, too. Thank you.


假如文丽有个叫Linda 的外国笔友,文丽给Linda 写信请教如何才能学好英语。请你代Linda给文丽写一封回信,告诉她如何学好英语。80字左右提示:
Why not do sth ?     Why don’t you do sth?
Let’s do sth.            You should / could / must do sth.
What /How about doing sth?    Don’t do sth.
Try (not) to do sth
Dear  Wen  Li,
     Thank you for your letter .You said you didn’t  how to improve your English. Well, You can  do many things to improve your English. You should follow the ways below, and maybe they will help you.(提出对方所请教的问题)
    1.You should remember as much as you can.
    2.You must try to be more active in class.
    3.What about watching English movies?
    4 Why don’t you talk with a  speaker of English?
    5. Don’t be afraid to be laughed at. Try to speak English more.(解决问题即建议)
    Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. If you work  hard ,you will find a good way to improve your English.(给对方鼓励)

单词 while ,talk, pet,cook
短语 do one’s homework, play computer games,watch football games
句型 Sb was/ were doing .....



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