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关于家乡的大气污染 About The Air Pollution In My Hometown In my hometown, the air is polluted seriously. However, in recent years, the pollution gets from bad to worse, because of the increasing number of private cars. Especially during the
关于家乡的大气污染 About The Air Pollution In My Hometown

In my hometown, the air is polluted seriously. However, in recent years, the pollution gets from bad to worse, because of the increasing number of private cars. Especially during the rush hours, too many private vehicles move slowly on narrow roads, emitting a large amount of waste gas. Moreover, the poisonous gas sent by the nearby factories is also one of the main causes of pollution. Therefore, it’s demanded that immediate and effective measures must be taken to restrict private cars and public transportation must be developed to the largest extent. Besides, we should use renewable and clean energy recourses.




Pollution is becoming more and more serious all over the world. As is shown in the cartoon, two cars are giving off waste gas and three people are trying to avoid breathing in the poisonous gas by masking their face with their hands. The poisonous gas sent off by factories, domestic appliances and automobiles has made the air unhealthy for people to breathe.

[2.意义阐述段] There is no denying that automobiles are indications of civilization, progreand development; neverthele, automobiles cause the serious problem of air pollution. Scientists have warned that unleeffective measures are taken, the problem of pollution will eventually get out of hand. Actually, people are showing a real concern over the problem. For example, there is an increasingly loud voice from the public for firm action against pollution from automobiles.

[3建议措施段]Indeed, the earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our descendants. In my opinion, we should work out concrete solutions to the problem of pollution from poisonous gas given off by automobiles. For example, the automobiles should be equipped with a device which can dispose of waste gas so as to prevent it from polluting air. Only in this way can we really solve the problem of air pollution caused by automobiles.

The cartoon presents the Earth with a personified human face that seems quite unhappy. A examination of the picture immediately reveals that the source of its mood is the air pollution resulting from a huge number of automobiles spread around its surf-ace.

The cartoon, no doubt, aims at alarming humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable production and usage of automobiles. However, the majority of people merely indulge in the celebration of the convenience brought by cars, while forgetting or simply neglecting their harmful impact on the atmosphere. Admittedly, there are various factors contributing to the current worldwide air pollution, but it is undeniable that the exhaust from automobiles is categorized as one of the major elements.

I would like to make the following proposals to solve this problem: firstly, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to adopt new forms of energy as substitutes for fossil fuels. It should also be guaranteed that the clean energy be inexpensive so that it can be widely accepted. Besides, there should be attempts to develop possible transportation means, so that citizens can be diverted from dependence on cars. In short, it is humans' responsibility to resume clean air for Earth.

空气污染(Air Pollution)

  We all know that clean air is important to good health. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are always surrounded by a sea of gases that we call air. If there are impurities in the air, they may be absorbed by our bodies and make us ill. We need clean air, but unfortunately , air pollution is globally present , especially in cities.
  Many large cities are anything but pollution-free. Our cities have many factories, which we need to make food, clothing and other things. Every year these factories pour millions upon millions of tons of smog into air. Power plants and houses that burn coal add greatly to air pollution. Besides , there are more cars in cities now. Once out on the streets, they will take in fresh air and replace it with poisonous gases.
  Our country is trying hard to prevent and control air pollution. As long as every citizen also realizes its importance and makes join efforts, the day will come soon when people will take in only clean air. Then , the sunlight will no longer be blackened out by smoke and soot.

水源污染(Water pollution)

    Water is used in homes, in farming, and in manufacturing. The water used by the people comes from oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. Many water sources are becoming polluted. People are throwing things into the water. Factories are dumping waste materials into the water. Cities are dumping sewage into the water. Some water sources have become so badly polluted that the water cannot be made fit to use. Would you like to drink water that came from a source that had been so badly mistreated? Now is the time that we should take up our responsibility to protect our environment from being polluted.

与污染作斗争(Do Something to Fight against Pollution)

    Pollution is becoming more and more serious. I.ook at the batteries all around us. We all know that used batteries are bad for environment. We shouldn't throw them away. We should recycle them. Look at the plastic bags all around us. We all know plastic bags never rot. When we do shopping, we can use paper bags to store goods instead of plastic bags.
    As a matter of fact, we can do a lot to prevent the pollution.Let's do something to bring pollution under control.

请不要污染环境(Stop Pollution)

      I love our environment,and I make less pollution. Let's clean up the world and the school yard.In North America,students join "Environment Club" to make less pollution.In a club,people work together.And in an environment club,the student work together to stop pollution.They do the following things to make our environment clean.
  At first,No-garbage Lunch.How much do you throw away at lunch? Environment club encourage students to use the ruzable bag and dishes.  
   Second,No-car Day.On the No-car Day,nobody


One of the most serious problems man is facing is pollution. The poisonous waste may do harm to the things around us. The air pollution can bring death to some people and kill trees and vegetables. Very loud noise can make people ill, hurt their ears or even drive them mad. So we have to realize the harm done to man by pollution. We must try our best to fight against pollution. I’m sure some day we’ll win the battle.

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