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      health problem -- condition.
     Yet an influenza infection can be deadly, especially in older adults, young children and people with weak or failing health.
     Every year, actually get one.
      of swelling, temporarily enlarging the area.
     In the United States, begins in late autumn and continues until spring.
     Now, And, they hope it will increase the percentage of Americans getting flu shots.
      diseases at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, She was the lead investigator for clinical testing of the influenza skin patch.
      melt into the skin and do not leave any sharp waste afterward.
      a few minutes. Then, the material can be thrown away.
     The clinical tests took place in June 2015 and invo during the most recent influenza season.
     The patients were divided into four groups.
     Health care providers or by injection. The fourth group was given a placebo, or harmless substance.
     Whether the patch was put on the skin by a health care provider or by a patient, needle injection. There were few harmful effects, including a small amount of redness and swelling, which lasted a few days.
     The findings were reported in The Lancet.
     The investigators wrote in their report that,, needle and patch methods offered similar protection.
      the patch liked it.
     "We do have a lot of people that are typically scared of needles and they're more prone or were more excited about being part of this clinical trial so they could try the microneedle instead."
      the patch liked it more than an injection.
     The patch does not need to be kept in cool place. So Rouphael says it could be sold in stores or mailed to patients. The fact that it is painless, she notes,
     , including for measles, mumps and rubella.
     I'm Alice Bryant.
     Words in This Story
     clinical – adj. of or relating to a medical treatment
     patch - n. a piece of material that is worn for medical reasons
     needle – n. a very thin, through the skin so that something, such as a drug, can be put into your body or so that blood or other fluids can be taken from it
     prone – adj. likely to do, have, or suffer from something
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