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      Peter: So Sarah, you said you're from North Carolina, and I've never been there before, I have no idea what it's like. Is it in the north of America or tell me more about it, I have no idea?
     Sarah: Well, it has north in the name, North Carolina, but it's actually in the south,, than California. And it's halfway between New York and Florida.
     Peter: Okay, that puts it on the map for me. Tell me, what's the weather like over there, what's the general climate like?
     Sarah: The weather is very moderate, it gets pretty hot in the summers and pretty cold in the winters. But it depends on where you live, it's on the no snow. But if you live on the mountain side then you get more snow and less hot weather.
     Peter: Okay. Why do people make a distinction between North and South Carolina, I mean what's the history behind that?
      to all be one together before they were divided. And so when they divided into two states, they call it north now and south.
     Peter: I see.
     Sarah: Yeah.
      for, I mean what can we look out for?
      thing, that is written on our license plates on the cars is 'First in Flight', Wilbur and Orville Wright flew the first airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
     Peter Oh wow! Okay, I didn't know that.
     Sarah: Yeah.
     Peter: Amazing!
     Sarah: Yeah, we think it's pretty cool.
      food from that area, anything else that is really quite popular with people in America or outside?
     Sarah: Southern, it's in the south, southern food is very popular, so southern food, things like fried chicken or a kind of bread we call biscuits, also grits, which is ground corn, all these kinds of foods are very popular in North Carolina they're southern foods that we eat in the south. Also sweet tea — sweet tea, very popular, iced sweet tea.
     Peter: That sounds good.
     Sarah: Yeah.
     Peter: What goes in it, what?
      tea — we put lemon in it as well.
     Peter: Okay.
     Peter: Growing up in North Carolina and living there, did you ever wish to live anywhere else, or do you think it's one of the best places to live?
     Sarah: When I was growing up there I always thought other places would be better. But then when I went away and lived in many other states and countries I began to see the beautiful things about the area, from, so.
     Peter: Right. I guess that's always the way with travelling and somewhere else, you realize home has got many advantages and many beautiful places.
     Sarah: Yes, and people.
     Peter: Okay.
     Sarah: People you love are always home.
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