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     He was a mute. Although he could understand others' speech, he could not express his own actual feeling. She was his neighbor, destiny with her grandmother, calling him brother.
     He really looked like an elder brother: led her to go to school; her to play; listened to her chirp with a smile.
      with her. Possibly she was able to read each of his look. From elder brother's gaze, she knew how much he loved her.
     Afterwards, she finally past the tests and went to college. She was extremely happy. He then started to go out to make money, to her. She had never rejected.
     Finally, she graduated and began to work. Then, she said firmly to him, "Elder brother, marry you!" to see her again, regardless of how she entreated.
     "Do you think I pity you? Do you think I appreciate you? No, I've fallen in love with you since I was 12." she said, but no reply.
     One day, she was sent to hospital suddenly. He was scared and went to see her. Doctor said that, in her throat steadily a lump, although excised, destroyed the vocal cord actually. She possibly could not deliver the speech again. On the hospital bed, she gazed at him tearfully. Eventually, they were married.
     Very many years, the hand and the pen, conversed with the look, the couple which the loved men and women envied. People said, and wife!
     Love could not prevent god of death arrival. He abandoned her and past away first.
     Th her. By then, she took back her dull gazes at his portrait,and said suddenly that, "He went away. "
     The rumor revealed...
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