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      Maria: So Alex we were talking about what I would like to change about myself so I was wondering what would you like to change about, for example, appearance?
     Alex: For me I've actually had some fun changing my appearance in the past. I have had the craziest hair colors. At one point I was pink, purple and red at the same time. Everything at the same time. I've done everything that I can think of, except green, I don't think green is an appropriate hair color, but I guess in the near future I think I'd want to probably lose about five or six kilos, of appearance but it will also help me live about ten years longer which would be lovely.
     Maria: As they say.
     Alex: Yes, as they say. At the moment, you know I'm going to the gym and trying to get that happen. I wish I was a little bit taller, honestly, and I don't know I think being a bit taller would be good. Yeah, I think that's probably about it. I'd also, you know everyone wants that body that you can go out to on the beach, right?
     Maria: The beach body?
      my descendents, my lineage is French and Irish and they're not really known for being abs types. If I was Brazilian, no problem, but the Irish in me makes me more probably rotund, let's say round, than anything else. More like a rugby player than a surfer.
     Maria: You weren't blessed with the red hair but you did get the physique.
     Alex: I'm kind of glad for not the red hair. People get teased for that.
     Maria: I heard.
     Alex: Yeah.
     Maria: Poor gingers. What about character, like what about your personality?
     Alex: I wish that sometimes I had the, kind of a bit of a drag, let's say. I wish, sometimes I wish I wasn't so, like I could be a bit more sensible honestly. I can get very, very, School, you know, I find it very, very difficult to like kee about that. I think steady would be a good thing, I think for me for that.
     Maria: Yeah.
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