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今天早上校长给我们讲了关于雷锋的故事。我们都深受的被雷锋的事迹感动。我们都下定决心跟雷锋学习。   由于今天下午没有课,我们决定为人们做一些好事。我们中的有些人去车站广场为人们修理路过的自行车,有些去了家里附近的孤儿院,帮助他们抗煤和洗衣
 Learn Lei Feng to do Good Things

  This morning we heard the talk given by our headmaster about Lei Feng.We were deeply moved by Lei Feng's deeds. We have made up our minds to do as Let Feng did.

  As there were no classes this afternoon, we decided to do some good deeds for people. Some of us went to the Station Square to repair bikes for people passing by, some went to a home for orphans nearby to help carry coal and wash their clothes, and others remained at school to clean the teachers' office. We all worked very hard.

  It was not until six o'clock that I returned home. Tired as I was, I was filled with joy and pride.





活雷锋 Lei Feng Has Come Back Again
  After I read the news, I felt very excited. Lei Feng was a good example all the young people in our country learned from in the 1960s and 1970s. But these years people seem to have given up the ideas of Lei Feng. they don't care about public interests and never think for others. All these have done GREat harm to the society.

  Now, we students have realized the seriousness of the problem, and have decided to learn from Lei Feng. We are glad that Lei Feng has come back again.




 Teacher esteemed and beloved , beloved schoolmates: Everybody be fine! Today I ask the examination questions giving a lecture to be "Lei Feng by me ". Spring breeze in March can't blow the motherland earth green, all things on earth reveal we remember at home cordial one uncle spontaneously when fragrant, Lei Feng. One rich public appeal's words learns from comrade Lei Feng " sounding by our ear. 45 passes away , Lei Feng is such first name as before deeply engrave at our heart.

   Somebody said Lei Feng has already died, in fact, Lei Feng will never die , he will live in people forever at heart. The ice and snow crisis one not meeting this the beginning of the year, in 50 , the electric power facilities having damaged a lot of area, be we have seen many within these days, let our times feel the kind person's silhouette.

   The Hai Ning wire making on February 2 , Great Snow to rise 300 meters is met with covering ice's squeezing but is arouses a disconnection. For not allowing the masses to accept bitterness of power failure,administration of power supply has organized 34 name electric power rushing to repair Young Pioneer having entered a mountain. Young Pioneer use chopper to split a road at 9 o'clock in the morning, the circuit being pulling a 510 meters goes ahead. The halfway several Young Pioneer foot is split the stump thorn breaking having bled , may one not flinch, eat on they even not having taken care of food and drinks, having been quenched one's thirst by snow , have used 9 have finally put up up wire , electric current much hour, leading to Ning Hai County power failure country smoothly. 2 months , Ji An City Shi Jiao Qu electric power companies are rich after the beach electrified wire netting is happened by grievous injury , the condition of a disaster , elder Zheng Xiao Jin of rich beach

  administration of power supply, leads one propping up electric power rushing to repair a team in person , he pounds ice with upper tree waiting for sweated labour to grasp on self. On February 2, Zheng Xiao Jin discovers one wire having been pressed by upper ice and snow of tree , this tree is 10 meters taller than, fall down there being life danger, but his being in the van of one's officers and men right away, the in person upper tree pounds ice , finally making that gleam restore current supply is regular.(责任编辑:admin)