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我最喜爱的老师My Favorite Teacher Miss Hou is my English teacher, she is 28, we all like her. My English is really bad at first, I am afraid of having Miss Hous class, when she finds this, she doesnt blame me, she tells me that the only wa

我最喜爱的老师My Favorite Teacher

Miss Hou is my English teacher, she is 28, we all like her. My English is really bad at first, I am afraid of having Miss Hou’s class, when she finds this, she doesn’t blame me, she tells me that the only way I can learn English well is to fall in love with English, she asks me to watch English movie, it works. Miss Hou is my favorite teacher.


If ask me who my favorite teacher is, I will no doubt answer you that Miss Hou is my favorite teacher. She is an English teacher, she is kind to everyone, she is not like other teachers who are so strict to students. As Miss Hou is so popular among students, students learn English with high enthusiasm, that is what they return to her. Miss Hou is a good teacher.


I remember the first time I see Miss Hou, she walks in class, and then talks with students about small things. She doesn’t talk about English in the first class, everyone feels Miss Hou is so amiable, we like her so much. Miss Hou is good at teaching us, she explain the question very patiently, when we understand, she will be move to the next topic, Miss Hou is a good teacher.


我最喜欢的老师 My favorite teacher 2 第二篇范文


My favorite teacher is Miss Li. She is my English teacher. She is very beautiful and warm-hearted. She is not only teaching us English but also a lot of useful knowledge that not in the textbooks. With her help, I make great progress in my English. I even have full marks in my English examinations. Now I can have simple conversations with foreigners. She is an amazing teacher. We love her very much.



我最喜欢的老师(My Favorite Teacher) 第三篇范文

My favorite teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. She has two big eyes, a high nose and a small red mouth. There is always a smile on her face.

Miss Huang likes singing and collecting posters. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, she always sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is good at dancing, too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing.

Miss Huang likes dogs very much because the dog is very friendly and cute. Her favorite color is blue. Because blue is the color of the sky and the sea.

我最喜欢的老师 My Favorite Teacher 第四篇范文

Miss Qin is myfavorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady in her thirty-two yearsold. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My classmates like hervery much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher.She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, shewrites good articles. She tells us if we want to write good articles, we shouldread books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is importantfor a good teacher.


yzc1188亚洲城:我最喜欢的老师My Favorite Teacher(1) 第五篇范文

     Everyone has his favorite teacher ,so do I.

My favourite teacher is Miss Wei, our English teacher. We felt English very difficuit when we began to study English. Miss Wei had a good idea to solve the problem.

One day, Miss Wei came into the classroom with some fruits, such as apples,bananas,and oranges. She said: “Today we are going to learn the names of the fruits. You can eat the fruits if you can tell me their names in English . ”All the students listened carefully and studied hard .

Someone even stood up to answer questions. Class was over ,and the fruits were all eaten. From then on ,I am more and more interested in English, and I want to say from my heart: “ Thank you, Miss Wei!”

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