朋友的重要性 My Friend 我的朋友英文作文

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朋友的重要性 When we have something annoy us, we will naturally to find someone to talk about it, the first choice is friend. We will not talk about it in front of our parents, because we dont want them to worry about us. Friend is so impo


When we have something annoy us, we will naturally to find someone to talk about it, the first choice is friend. We will not talk about it in front of our parents, because we don’t want them to worry about us. Friend is so important in our life, we have many friends, we will share our happiness and sorrow with them, we hang out together, in a word, friends are part of our life. What will happened if someone have no friend? We hear from the news that the crime people are isolated by others, most of them have no friends, their view point about the world is distorted. Without friends, people have no where to relieve their emotion, the long time’s depression of the emotion distract people from the normal life. So friends are very important, we can’t live without friends.



我的朋友yzc1188亚洲城范文一:我的朋友 My Friend

    Zeng Qiao is one of my friends. She is a beautiful, outgoingand good-tempered girl. She smiles frequently. I think it’s her smile that makes her beauty. We live in the same dormitory, so that we always stay together, no matter going to classroom or having dinners. At first, I don’t like her very much, because she is always talking. It seems that she can’t stop open her mouth. I am a little bit quiet and introverted, so I seldom talk to others. But gradually, I find that she can have influence on others by what she says. Zeng Qiao likes sharing interesting things with others. For example, she likes telling us her funny stories of her childhood or her former classmates. She always tells me that I should be more extroverted and learn to talk to others. Under the influence of her, I communicate with others more frequently and I find that it feels so great. I am so grateful that I can have such a good friend.

我的朋友yzc1188亚洲城范文二:My Friend(我的朋友)

    Zhang Dong is my best friend. He entered our class last semester. He is a boy. Both of us are good at English, so we often have a chat in English in our spare time. After school, we often play football together on the playground. He runs so fast that I can not catch up with him. He is an excellent student. He not only gets good marks in all subjects but also is very kind and modest. He loves popular songs and also classical music.
    There are three people in his family and he is the only child. His father is a doctor and his mother is a Beijing Opera actress. Though Zhang Dong's family is wealthy, he is usually simply dressed. He has a dream which is to be a lawyer.
    Such is my friend, a clever and kind boy. He is highly praised by the teachers and students.


    Her father is a business man. He goes to work by car. He has got a big company. He is great! Her mother is an accountant in her father’s company. She goes to work with her father. She gets up at 8:30. Sometimes they go to work early, so Angel must cook breakfast for her grandma. She cooks well. Angel says she is going to visit me this weekend. I cannot wait!



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