My birthday party 我的生日聚会 英文作文

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My birthday party 我的生日聚会 Today is my birthday and Im so excited about it.In the morning I put a note on the table for my mum and it said,Today is my birthday,dont forget it!At school,I got many gifts and cards for my classmates and ha
My birthday party 我的生日聚会

Today is my birthday and I'm so excited about it.In the morning I put a note on the table for my mum and it said,"Today is my birthday,don't forget it!"At school,I got many gifts and cards for my classmates and had a lot of fun.But I was still expecting the birthday party after school.

  When it was time to leave school I couldn't wait to go home.When I open the door,there wasn't anybody in the house.There was only a note that said,"Coming home late tonight,mum and dad."I try to call them but there was no answer.I was so shocked,do they forget my birthday?How could this be!I was so sad that I couldn't eat anything.I just did my homework and waited for them.

  And then,things changed completely.It was about time for dinner,my mother called and told me to go to the restanrant near our house.When I got there I couldn't believed my eyes.Everybody was there:my parents,my relatives,my friends and even my classmates.There was so many gifts and a big cake.What a surprising birthday party!We had a good time and it was the best birthday party ever.


My birthday party

  Today is fool's day and it's also my birthday. My name is Sam. I'm 11 years old. In my birthday party, Mother usually buys some interesting books for me and my father usually buys a pair of beautiful shoes for me. I love my gifts.

  My friends are coming. The boys and girls are enjoying my birthday party. They're laughing and playing games. Now, They're eating sandwiches, cakes and fish. They're drinking apple juice and orange juice too. My birthday cake is very big. There are 11 candles on it. They say: happy birthday to Sam! Hip, Hip, Hurry! Hip, Hip, hurry!

  Oh, what a nice birthday party!(约100字)

我的生日 My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I am twelve years old now and a primary school student in Grade six. Yesterday, I invited my friends come to my home. I did not invite them come to my home before. I was so happy because my mother cooked delicious foods for us. My friends brought gifts to my. They are very beautiful. It was a good day yesterday.

昨天是我的生日。 我现在十二岁,是小学六年级的学生。 昨天,我邀请我的朋友来我家。在以前 我没有邀请他们到我的家。 我很高兴,因为我妈妈煮好吃的食物给我们。 我的朋友带了礼物给我。它们 都很漂亮。 昨天是个 好日子

My Birthday 我的生日

Yesterday is my six-year-old birthday. It is important to me as I can go to primary school after my birthday. It means that I grow up. I got up very early at that day. My mother just smiled at me and said nothing. I felt a little down. But I recovered with excited soon and then I went out to play. Everything in my eyes is so beautiful. When I got home about five o’clock, my mother gave me a surprise. She prepared a party for me and invited all my friends. She also gave a lovely schoolbag to me as my birthday present. I’m so happy that day.


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