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      conditions may help in the fight against malaria at a time when other efforts be may slowing.
      reports that more than 400,000 people died of malaria in 2015. Most of them were children in Africa.
      note that African countries south of the Saharan desert are developing faster than many in other areas. They think architects and city planners can help in the fight against the disease.
     Insecticide products have been extremely effective in limiting the spread of malaria. They have chemicals that target mosquitoes -- the insects that pass the disease to humans.
     Insecticide- of the products inside buildings have helped reduc resistant to insecticides and new tools are needed to fight the disease.
      of the University of Oxford is an exp the move away from traditional mud-and-thatch homes to help fight malaria.
     "We do have an opportunity to tap into the;
      they had noticed could help in the fight.
     "What we'r -- which might have thatched roofs and mud walls -- towards metal, tiled- with concrete walls."
      the mosquitoes mostly bite people in and around their home at night. Better design of homes, with fewer holes in the walls, could help keep the insects out. But until recently there has not been much research on the subject.
      and her team examined health and population surveys from 21 countries. They found that children living in modern buildings were 9-to- That is about the same level of protection given by insecticide-
     " could be an important tool in tackling malaria."
     This is not a new idea. in the fight against malaria in the early 20thcentury.
      will be to help further reduce malaria infections and deaths.
     "We can leverage those changes. But to do so, it's important that health specialists reach beyond the health sector and work closely with architects, urban policy makers and national governments."
      an important part of planning as African cities continue to grow.
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