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食品安全yzc1188亚洲城1 As we all known,food safety problems are more and more popular in our country,because more cases about food safety problem have appeared. Firstly,As the old saying goes,the food is what matters to the people. Food plays an


As we all known,food safety problems are more and more  popular in our country,because
more cases about food safety problem have appeared.
       Firstly,As the old saying goes,the food is what matters to the people. Food plays an important role in people's life.So food safety influences people's health and life.Secondly,some producers only think about earning money without thinking about ensuring food safty.they produce unqualified food.Thirdly, some food supervisory departpents don't perform their duty completely.This  behavior make some producer ignore the safety of production.
       If we want to solve problems that is illustrated former,we must call on the supervisory department to manage the food market. And the producers must paly their roles. Lastly, we hope  that there is law that punish illegal acts.

On the Food Security 食品安全问题的yzc1188亚洲城2

  Over the past couple of years, several cases of the food scandal have been disclosed on various media.The problem of food security has become a hot button across society.
  The prevalence of food insecurity has greatly impacted public health, which the government could not afford to ignore, according to the online edition of the People Daily。
  There are a couple of driving forces, I would argue, behind this undesirable tide. First, in the course of the rapid economic evolution, we ignore moral education, giving rise to the rising rate of the problem. More importantly, the lack of adequate regulation and punishment on those illegal producers enforces the trend。
  As Confucius instructed, it is better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turn back this evil trend. The government should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and draw up tougher laws to crack down on those irresponsible corporations and prohibit them from entering the food industry again.I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy more risk-free foods in the days ahead


the chinese government will deal with any confirmed food safety cases in a responsible manner and in accordance with laws, a parliament spokesman said in beijing on tuesday.

  "there are indeed very few companies in china which neglect our country's laws, regulations and standards, dodge quarantine and tests, and have their unqualified products smuggled into foreign markets via illegal channels," said jiang enzhu, spokesman for the first session of the 11th national people's congress (npc), at a press conference.

  our government will intensify its efforts to crack down on such illegal activities and prevent any under-quality food from being exported


From this incident,we can see that there are still more things to be done. Firstly,the government needs everything possible to ensure the quality of products,particularly the safety of food as this concerns everyone's life. Secondly,as for the producers,it is very important for them to be morally honest. They should never try to pursue profit or economic growth at the expense of health and life of people. Thirdly,we consumers must attach importance to the things we eat and develop an awareness of how to protect our legal rights if cheated. Only in this way will we be able to build a more secure and harmonious society.

(二)Dear editor,  I'm writing to tell you something about the problem of food safety.
  A couple of days ago,one of my classmates bought a bag of food from a supermarket. Some
roommates were invited to enjoy the food. Unfortunately,after finishing it,all of them got

poisoned and had stomachaches with their faces pale. They were quickly sent to a nearby hospital.
A doctor examined them and gave them some medicine. They were out of danger soon after taking the

  This accident made me realize the seriousness of the food safety problem. I sincerely hope
that the whole society pay much more attention to food safety.

(三)As is known to all, food is a priority for the common people. Recently, however, reports about
food problems have often been seen in the newspapers, showing that people have always been
concerned about what they eat every day. The reason for this problem is that some of the food
producers are too fond of making money, leading to the result that they use whatever will make the
food look good or taste better without considering the bad consequences. This is not normal
because people just cannot live without eating anything.
So we should take all the measures necessary to forbid the food producers to make food that is
not safe enough. Laws should be strengthened and the government should have more control over
these producers. Only when people are no longer worried about whether their food is safe or not
can they enjoy a better life.

(四)Nowadays, unsafe foods can be found, now and then, in the market, which has aroused a lot of public
attention. It is reported that these foodstuff ranges from substandard milk powder, dyed steamed buns to pork with
lean meat powder.
Fake commodities are harmful in many ways. To begin with, it is a waste of resource, especially in our
country. Second, it has bad effect on the reputation of the real manufacturers and brings about moral Crisis.
Above all, all that matters is food. People's health and lives are severely threatened if someone buys some unsafe
Measures should be taken to deal with the problem. On the one hand, strict laws should be passed to punish
the producers and the sellers. On the other hand, consumers should be told to distinguish the genuine goods
from the false ones. At the same time, the government should strengthen the supervision of all aspects of food.
I firmly believe this problem will be solved in the near future.

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