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我的老师yzc1188亚洲城 My English teacher is tall and strong , He is very kind . He name is Mr liu . He is young . My Chinese teacher is tall and strong too , He name is Mr He . He is oid . He is funny , but is very strict . My math teacher is M


       My   English  teacher   is    tall   and   strong ,   He  is  very   kind .  He  name   is   Mr  liu .  He  is  young  . My   Chinese   teacher  is   tall   and    strong   too ,  He   name  is   Mr  He .  He  is   oid .  He  is   funny ,   but   is   very   strict  .  My   math  teacher   is   Mr   Xiao ,He  is  my  favourite   teacher .  Because   it  is  very   funny .   He  is  short   and   strong   .   I   very   like   my  math   teacher .

Our English Teacher
        Look!A foreign girl ispiaying games with some Chinese students. Do you know who   she is? Yes! she is our English teacher--shelley Green.
        Miss Green, from Canada,is 25 yearsoid. she is very kind to us and her lesson is very
 interesting In ciass, she often piays games with   us. she is not oniy our teacher but aiso our friend.
        We aii iove her, so we're interested English now.


篇一:我的英语老师 My English Teacher

    Miss Hou is my high school English teacher. Her English name is Jenny. She looks so weak that a strong wind may blow her away. She is not too tall, about 150cm. She is experiened of English teaching. She teaches me for three years.In the other word, she is the only English teacher during my high school study. She is special. She will show an English song to us before her class. A few days later, she will ask us to follow the singing on the tape. I can still remember some songs she taught us. It is strang that she looks so weak, but no one in my class will against her word. I think maybe is because her own personality.Everyone respects her. She is serious in work, so that our whole class’s English is good. Happily, she is our friend after class. She always palys badminton  with us. She is also ready to help us if we have any difficultiy. In my mind, a good teacher is more than a million books. And she will be my mentor forever. Jenny, my teacher, I love you.

篇二:我的英语老师My Headteacher

    My high school headteacher teaches my English. He is handsome.  And he is very thin for hardwork. He is about forty years old. He looks serious. But in fact, he is kind, nice and warmhearted.
    On the one hand, he is serious on study. Whoever doesn’t finish the homework or cheat in the exam, he will punish him or her badly. Sometimes he will let those students do doble homework or have  another exam. Sometimes he will ask those students write reports on that behavior. But when teaching us in class, he is so patient. It’s the same when asking him questions. On the other hand, he will play with us after class. Meanwhile, if anyone has any difficuty in study or daily life, he will give a hand without hesitation.(责任编辑:admin)