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      Todd: What's the last cool thing you bought at a flea market?
     Melissa: I bought an old, vintage style radio but that wasn't at a flea market. The last cool thing I bought at a flea market? Well, I kind of went to a ... it was like a flea market. I mean, were selling their old clothes and stuff and I got this very nice winter jacket for about 50 cents.
     Todd: 50 cents?
     Melissa: Yes.
     Todd: Wow!
     Melissa: Yeah. It's right there. That one. It's green.
     Todd: That's a nice jacket!
     Melissa: Thanks.
     Todd: I like the price. Like, they said, "nope" — 75 cents — too much. 25 cents — too cheap. Now did you actually haggle for 50 cents?
     Melissa: No, now that jacket was actually that price, but some other kids at a different spot on the same site were doing a game where you shoot down things with this kind of play gun and get points and then depending on how many points you got, you could choose from a different group of stuff. So, I was shooting for a CD-Stereo, like a watch and a necklace. Yeah, I ended up walking away with a bunch of stuff I didn't want or need. That was good on their behalf. I thought that was good sales tactic, I thought I was playing a game and I was enjoying shooting stuff down and getting points but then I realized I was acquiring these things I didn't need.
     Todd: Right, right.
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